The Legal Details

No Cancellation, Refund or Payment upon Termination.  Orders for Purchased Services are non-cancelable by You after acceptance by Bid Track Sell LLC, and the number of user subscriptions specified in an accepted Service Order cannot be decreased prior to the end of the term of the Service Order, regardless of any nonpayment, nonuse or other conduct or inaction on Your part.

If this Agreement is terminated by Us, You will pay any unpaid fees covering the remainder of the term of all Order Forms. In no event will termination relieve You of Your obligation to pay any fees payable to Us for the period prior to the effective date of termination.

See Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Bid Track Sell User Q&A

Q. How do I access my Bid Track Sell account online?

A. Once you have followed all of the steps for access and your subscription, simply contact us at for further instructions. 

Q. Where do I go for my download to the Bid Track Sell system/program?

A. Once your subscription has been established in our administration, you can then access the program at

Q. Who should I contact if I encounter problems with my recurring membership payments?

A. Please feel free to contact us at Note that any interruption in the receipt of monthly subscription payments will result in the suspension of any/all licenses. Access will be restored upon reconciliation of account. Bid Track Sell is not responsible for any lost data due to suspended or cancelled accounts. Speak to your Bid Track Sell representative for further details.

Q. What if I need to pause my membership due to illness, extended travel, etc.?

A. At this time Bid Track Sell does not offer an option to suspend or pause your membership or recurring monthly payments.

Q. Where do I go if I have questions regarding how to use the program?

A. Customers can contact our Client Services department during regular business hours at or phone (602) 265.0327 Monday through Friday.

Q. Are there additional demos or training workshops on the usage of the BTS 2.0 system? 

A. Current demos are available and any member or customer interested in additional training on the Bid Track Sell 2.0 program is welcome to contact us at

Q. I would really like to speak to someone in person. Who do I call for one-on-one assistance?

A. We encourage our customers and members to communicate via email as often as possible. We are available and respond as quickly as possible via email at